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Option 1: On-Campus Returning  (Please see dates below.)

  • Our Campus Location will be open in April for On-Campus Drop Off.  On-Campus Rental Returns can be returned to the Student Activities Suite Located in Adam K. Spence Hall.   The Student Activities Suite is conveniently located right before the Mail Center and directly below the Dining Hall.  As students will be transitioning to moving back home, this will make returning Fall Rentals the easiest.  Students that also live in the Nashville area are encouraged to return on these select dates for an easy Check-In for their rentals.  (Please do not leave your rentals with a University Faculty Member without contacting the Fisk University Bookstore.  This could result in rentals that are unable to be checked in and possible late fees & buyout costs.)

Dates & Hours:

Monday, Wednesday & Friday

(4/25, 4/26, & 4/28)


9 a.m. - 12 p.m.




9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Option 2: Ship your rentals back to The Fisk University Bookstore 

If you have previously shipped your rentals to the Gallatin, TN address, please do NOT ship them to this location.  The new location can be found below.  Thank you!

  • Please follow these steps to return your Fall textbook rental(s) back to us.

      •  Step 1:  LOCATE YOUR RENTALS:
        • There is a sticker with the due date and your name on the back or front cover of each of your rental textbooks.

        • If you are unsure of the rentals you have out, please send an email to with your name & phone number and we will email you back with the books that you have rented.

      • Step 2:  BOX THEM UP:
        • Please make sure that all items are packaged securely to prevent any damage during the shipping process. Fill any

          empty spaces with clean filler.  Please include a piece of paper with your name & preferred phone number in the box, so that we are able to contact you if there is an error. 

      • Step 3:  SHIP THEM TO US:
        • We advise that you ship your rental returns back to us through your local post office using the Media Mail service. This will be your cheapest option that also includes tracking information.

        • You can also ship your rentals back using FedEx or UPS, if you wish.

        • Please make sure that you have filled out this form & have provided us with tracking information ON or BEFORE 4/27/23 to ensure that we have noted your account so that you will not be charged a late fee. 


      • Step 4:  ENTER YOUR TRACKING INFORMATION into the Rental Check-In Form.


Option 3: Return to our Mufreesboro, TN location.

  • If you are unable to return your rentals on Campus, you are welcome to return them to our Murfreesboro, TN location.  Directions can be found here and their current store hours can be found here.  If you do choose to return your rental(s) to this location, please let them know which school you are returning them for and they will give us a call while you are there to ensure that your rental(s) are checked in!


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