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In-Store Pickup, Shipping, & Drop-Off  (ADDITIONAL INFORMATION COMING SOON)

How much does it cost to pickup my order In-Store/Curbside or Shipped?
In-Store & Curbside Pickup at our Gallatin, TN location are always FREE.  Shipping, Handling, and Processing has a flat rate fee of $8.
Where can I pick up my online order?
You are welcome to come In-Store to our Gallatin, TN location to pick up orders or swing by Curbside and a staff member will bring your order out to you!  *** Campus Pick-Up may be available on certain dates.  More information coming soon. ***
How long does it take to process/ship my order?
During business hours, online orders are processed/shipped throughout each day.
How long does it take to get my order if I ship my books?
With Standard Shipping, orders will typically be delivered in 2-7 business days depending on your location.  Due to inclement weather & covid-19 delays, shipping times may be longer than normal.
Does The Fisk Bookstore ship to international addresses?
No, The Fisk Bookstore does not ship internationally.
How will I know that you have received my rental that I have shipped back or returned to the Drop-Off Box?
Once we have checked in your rental(s) from the mail carriers or from the drop-off box, we will email you a receipt letting you know that you're all checked in!  For more information on returning your books, please click here!
There's a Textbook Brokers in Murfreesboro, can I return my rental(s) there?
Yes!  You can return your rental(s) In-Store or to their Drop-Off Box.  If returning in-store, please let their staff know that you are returning Fisk University Bookstore rental(s) and they will contact us while you're there to get you all checked in.  If you choose to return to their drop-off box, please make sure that your rental label is legible.  If not, please put contact information with your book(s) and put inside of a bag before putting in the drop-off box.  If you have a loose-leaf copy of a book, please ensure that it is in a bag(store bag, plastic storage, etc.) or binder before placing inside of the drop-off box. 

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